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Roger Eads Noble , United States

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About me

I have been a sp. ed teacher for over thirty years (Whew thats a long time.) I currently teach all the histories and sciences to students that are in the ninth through the twelfth grades. These students are low performing but want to be educated just like everyone else.


Reading, Music, Weight Lifting, Working in my Yard, Loving my wife, and Loving my Grown Children, Taking care of my 11 dogs, and serving my Lord tell you what kind of person I am.


Progressive Rock, Rock and Roll, and Christian Music that also fit the above criteria.

Movies and TV:

Sci-Fi,Westerns,Comedies, and Old Movies


weight lifting


I read volumes of books that reflect my movie interest. I am a Christian, so this is also reflected in my reading. I spend a large amount of time in prayer.


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